Heritage Collection

The mountains of the Cordillera not only boast the vast greenery of the rice terraces and the lush landscape of the mountains, it also showcases some of the most beautiful indigenous weaves available in the Philippines. 

For the Heritage Collection, Habi features beautiful weaves sourced from the mountain province of Kiangan Ifugao. Situated almost eight hours away from Manila, Kiangan is known to be the oldest town in Ifugao and home to some of the oldest rice terraces in the country. However, many efforts have been exerted to preserve it. Habi sources its woven textiles from Mr. Marlon Martin, an Ifugao and the head of SITMO or Save the Ifugao Terraces Movement and Ifugao Nation, a brand the seeks to provide access to woven Ifugao textiles. SITMO seeks to raise funds and awareness in the preservation of the cultural heritage of Kiangan. 

In supporting this movement, Habi is joining along in upscaling the weaves into high quality products that can further support the livelihood and cultural preservation of SITMO and the farmer weavers of Kiangan. Weaving is considered one of Kiangan's treasured crafts, and also a means to earn when farming is off-season -- therefore creating a sustainable livelihood ecosystem that continuously supports town's locals. 

This collection features the cordilleran signature pattern weaves and will also feature Ifugao Ikat in future designs.