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Habi Footwear in Japan!

Yokoso, Japan!

As the seasons pass and the flowers blossom, so does the relationship of Habi Footwear with Japan. Last year, we were blessed with an excellent internship thanks to Uno Kensuke from Osaka, who arrived at Habi through the help of AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University.

This time, Habi’s presence in Japan becomes more permanent with its launch on the World Bridge Club. The WBC is a Japanese e-commerce platform that carries products from, and supports, developing countries and their own passionate enterprises and initiatives.

World Bridge Club

Habi isn’t the first Filipino company to join the ranks in this prestigious community of changemakers. Anthill, the indigenous textile social enterprise, is there, as is Vesti, yet another textile enterprise incorporating the weaving talents from the Mindanao region.

Adapting to the Japanese taste in fashion, WBC mostly carries sandals - limited colors of our old 2014 Kiss line as well as the Luxe Collection. It also features some of our Classic espadrilles - all shoes perfect for the upcoming summer season in Japan and elsewhere.

Walk happy with us now in Japan by clicking here!